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You are currently viewing Important Staffing Updates!

Important Staffing Updates!

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staff updatess

Good Afternoon BOAA Members, Volunteers and Community Partners 

It’s hard to believe that it has already been two full years since the COAA was relaunched as an independent not-for-profit registered charity, now known as the Bowmanville Older Adult Association. Thanks to our committed and hardworking members, volunteers, community partners, Board of Directors and staff we are celebrating another successful year and looking forward to 2018. 

At this time, we are excited to announce that the BOAA team members will be reorganizing to serve our membership moving forward. Over the next few weeks, we will be making the following transitions within our team:

– Les-Lee Bell will be taking over as Volunteer Coordinator along with all aspects of our volunteer programming.  Les-Lee will be working to schedule, train, recruit and recognize our amazing volunteers.  

– Chelsea Wolf will be overseeing all aspects of our Events & Fundraising Department.  Working closely with Sharon Mansfield in Catering & Hospitality to provide an amazing slate of coming events for 2018.  Chelsea will continue her focus on Marketing & Promotions while Sharon M will focus extra efforts on the success of our Cafe. 

– Dorothy and Bill Lawrence have been our amazing behind-the-scene cleaners at the BOAA working nights for many years … starting in the New Year you will see this fine couple working during the day to stay on top of our daily maintenance and cleaning needs in partnership with Tom, Robin, Jeffery, Corey and Glenn.

– Amanda Rutherford will be refocusing her hours and attention within the Administration Department providing assistance for the needs of our staff and members. In addition, Amanda will continue with Klipz located on the 2nd level of the BOAA.

Sharon S (Transportation), Veronica (Programs), Stella (Administration & Finance), Ann (Weekend Staff), Julieta (Weekend Staff) and myself (Executive Director) will all continue to work with all of the BOAA team members to assist while continuing within our current roles. 

We understand that all transitions can take a little time, however, we assure you as always our main focus as a team is our members, volunteers and community partners. We thank you for your support and patience as we move forward with these important changes.

Many thanks,


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