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Making Valentine’s Day Special for Seniors

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Valentine’s Day is all about love and romance – who doesn’t like that? The extra-special attention lathered upon us each February 14th suggests feelings of the “warm and gooiness” we felt when we first fell in love. For many seniors, however, this annual day of love can be just another day, or worse, a day of increased loneliness and sorrow.
Here is a scenario: A 75 year old widow who spent nearly 60 years with the love of her life, and the last 15 missing him. The pain she must feel not having her love lying next to her each night, not having his strong hands to hold, or his lips to kiss could be unfathomable. There is not a single day that passes without his memory in her mind, imagine Valentine’s Day, brings some added weight to her sorrow.
This story is unfortunately not unique. Many seniors are widowed or living alone, and finding a special way to show them some extra love on Valentine’s Day can make a big difference.
Here are some ways you can fill a senior’s Valentine’s Day with extra love:
Flowers – have them delivered or deliver them yourself if you live nearby from local Florists and Nurseries:VanBelle Flowers,Bev’s Flowers,Floratechnics,Roses Flower Boutique,College Park Flowers,Mostert Greenhouses,Apple Blossom Flowers,Village Flower Shopand more!
A special treat is even sweeter when it’s shared – pick something up from a local bakery including:Coffee & Cakes,The Toasted Walnut,Brianna’s Sweet Treats,Krumbs Breadery,KCC Gourmet Catering,Village Bake Shop,Buddha Belly Bakery, and more!

If your loved one has old letters from the love of their life, dust them off and read them together.Get the kids involved – it’s always nice to have something homemade; you could also include a recent photo of young family members.Share a meal with conversation of stories of your loved and their memories of love.Simply be there – your time and presence can add happiness to a day that may have otherwise been lonely.

There are so many ways to bring happiness to hearts of seniors on Valentine’s Day; we would love to hear how you plan to spend Valentine’s Day and the ways you’ve found to brighten the day for your loved ones. Comment below!

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