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New Programs Available at BOAA!

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We are thrilled to announce that we have had countless registrations for Spring & Summer programs, many new members, membership renewals and everything else in between here at the BOAA. It has been wonderful to see new and familiar faces signing up for programs and courses at the centre and we hope you all continue to look through the Program Guide and check out the upcoming programs that are being offered…..
With each programming session, there are always some programs that run the risk of low registration and perhaps even cancellation. Our hope is that you take a look at the courses below and if there is something you are interested in joining – contact us ASAP! Our last resort is to cancel low-registration courses and we want to give everyone a chance to register.
REGISTER TODAY for QIGONG (CHINESE YOGA) with Donna Elliott!Simple Energy Medicine techniques that teach your body’s energies the flow for optimal health. Coordinated breathing with muscle movements, stretches, and stimulating reflex, acupressure and lymphatic points create vitality, strength and relaxation.
Wednesday 11:30 am to 12:30 pm 11 weeksApril 12th to June 21st$55 members / $71.50 non-members
Wednesday 9:45 am to 11:15 am 11 weeksApril 12th to June 21st$55 members / $71.50 non-members
Held at the BOAA, 26 Beech Ave Bowmanville ON L1C 3A2For more information or to register, please contact us at905-697-2856 or programs@bowmanvilleolderadults.com

REGISTER TODAY for “FREE” Spring Financial Clean UpCompliments of the BNI Build Your Business Bowmanville Chapter(Bob, Jason, Phil & Sandy)
Join the guys as they offer you a chance to spruce up your financial affairs. Spring has always been a great time to get that list of outdoor and indoor projects completed before the summer rolls around. A new coat of paint and a fix to the leaky taps makes the house a little bit brighter.
Nick Murray, a well-known financial expert, says thereare only two (2) financial questions boomers and retireesneed to ask:#1 Will I outlive my money? Or….#2 Will my money outlive me?
In this session we’ll answer the above for you:1. Take a look at your current investment portfolio to ensure it is positioned to take advantage of the “Trump Effect” while also protecting you from the decline in fixed assets we are seeing globally.2. Ensure that you and your extended family are taking advantage of all the tax deductions available to you.3. Review the equity you have in your home – extremely important in the Clarington market as home value escalation is outpacing the GTA market – and also showing you how you can access some of the equity for today’s wants and wishes.4. Make sure you’ve thought about your health care needs down the road. The experts say the one thing that can derail our retirement plans is lack of planning for future health care expense. We’ll ensure that this won’t happen to BOAA members who attend the session.
Wednesday April 12th2 pm to 3 pmFREE to ALL!Held at the BOAA, 26 Beech Ave Bowmanville ON L1C 3A2
For more information or to register, please contact us at 905-697-2856 or programs@bowmanvilleolderadults.com

REGISTER TODAY for ARCHERY AT EASTHILL with Amanda Shaughnessy. Price includes equipment and instruction, Wednesdays at 1 pm to 3 pm, starts April 12th to May 31st.
$20 per week
Registration in advance required.
Held at Easthill Outdoors 4131 Hwy 35/115 Orono ON. For more information or to register, please contact us at 905-697-2856 or programs@bowmanvilleolderadults.com

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In these extraordinary times, we are committed to continuing to provide exceptional older adult programming, services and events to our members safely. We are an organization that’s always done things a little differently… although it might not be what was always done, we are thrilled to announce
our reopening plan for our gradual re-opening starting in the Fall of 2020. Our organization is implementing important new measures to safeguard our members, staff and volunteers in order to make participating at the BOAA enjoyable.

Like many businesses and organizations, we’ve had to work incredibly fast with extreme flexibility to respond to the impacts of COVID-19 and to reflect ongoing government mandates. In response, on Monday September 14 th we will be safely reopening the doors to the BOAA with LIMITED ACCESS
available for members and guests. Pre-registration for indoor and outdoor programs and events is required.
1. Stay home if you are sick
2. A signed admission checklist that includes a temperature check will be required
3. Masks are required at all times within the building
4. All participants must remain six feet apart when possible
5. Please wash your hands frequently
6. Maximum 50 persons inside the building (we will be starting with much less)
7. Please use hand sanitizer frequently
8. Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth
1. Updated Office Hours – Monday to Friday, 9 am to 4 pm
2. Our team will be following social distancing protocols and our floors will have distancing guidelines
3. Our team will still be smiling (as always) but they’ll be wearing masks
4. We are encouraging the use of tap & chip debit or credit cards at this time
5. Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the building

We will continue to monitor the situation, doing our best to make the right decisions for our members, our team and our community. What is important for all to remember is that this will only be possible if we are COVID FREE and able to meet all Federal, Provincial, Regional & Municipal guidelines. Updates should always be expected and all planning is tentative.

We are honoured to be a part of your lives and look forward to our gradual reopening. Please follow us on our Facebook page to stay informed:  https://facebook.com/BowmanvilleOA 

If you require immediate assistance, please contact our emergency line 905-242-5585 or execdirector@bowmanvilleolderadults.com

Stay Informed & Stay Safe.🙏🙏

– Team BOAA

📞 905-697-2856