26 Beech Avenue, Bowmanville, Ontario L1C 3A2
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Expand your online knowledge with Tanya Cochrane Computer Instructor at Bowmanville Older Adult Association today!
SELLING ON Kijiji Canada
Learn how to search listings, upload a photo and write an
ad for items you’d like to sell online. This site is great
alternative to yard sales, it’s free and you don’t have to make an account! Safety tips will also be discussed. Suitable for computer or tablet users. Register today!
🗓️Thursday June 21st, 9:30 am – 12 pm 🗓️
$12.50 members / $16.25 non-members
Have a tablet but don’t know where to start? Want to know what all those buttons do? Hoping to surf the ‘net? We can
get you on the path of using your tablet while having fun doing it! Bring your ANDROID tablet and your questions. Register today!
🗓️Thursday July 26th, 1 pm to 3 pm 🗓️
$10 members / $13 non-members
Learn the different types of smartphones and plans
available. Topics: talk and text, data plans, sim cards, unlocked phones and plans for snowbirds. Great class for those wishing to purchase a cell phone or want to move up
from a flip phone. Register today!
🗓️Thursday 10 pm to 12 pm 2 weeks, July 26th to August 2nd🗓️
$20 members / $26 non-members
Windows 10 OVERVIEW
An introductory look into your Windows 10 laptop computer. Get a brief tour and learn some tips. Bring your laptop (if possible) and your questions! Register today!
🗓️Thursday August 2nd 1 pm to 3 pm 🗓️
$10 members / $13 non-members
This beginner class is ideal for anyone who has recently joined Facebook and would like to learn more about it. We will cover how to post comments and status updates, connect with
friends and how to send a private message. We will also
have time to answer some questions. Please bring your
laptop AND your Facebook username & password.
🗓️Thursday August 9th 10 am to 12 pm 🗓️
$10 members / $13 non-members
REGISTER by visiting the BOAA at 📍26 Beech Ave Bowmanville ON L1C 3A2 or register online on our website:
Contact us for more information at:
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✴️✴️Here at the BOAA we continuously communicate that your safety is our top priority… and we mean it.✴️✴️

As COVID-19 continues to affect our lives, we all must do our part. We care about your health and wellbeing, the BOAA remains temporarily CLOSED, in addition to the Catch the Ace Draw officially on hold with no ticket sales available at this time.

We are honoured to be a part of your lives and look forward to reopening soon. Please follow us on our Facebook page https://facebook.com/BowmanvilleOA or our website https://bowmanvilleolderadults.com to stay informed.

If you require immediate assistance, please contact Angie Darlison at 905-242-5585 or execdirector@bowmanvilleolderadults.com

Stay Informed & Stay Safe.🙏🙏

– BOAA Board of Directors & Staff